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PCS Democrats are a centre left group whose supporters are largely members and supporters of the Labour Party.


PCS Democrats will be arguing within PCS and within the Labour Party for a new agenda of Quality Public Services. But as part of this, public servants delivering vital services should be treated with respect by their employer and not the contempt shown by this Government. 


PCS Democrats believe there should be a shared vision of seeking to promote the public good through the delivery of quality public services based on the needs of those using the services. 


The people who use and work for public services know and understand that change is necessary. But they want change designed to improve the quality and efficiency of those services, not destroy them. 


The key will be Labour winning trust as the provider of public services and as the ultimate employer of public servants. Public employees are committed to the services they deliver – they, their families and friends are a large section of the public who vote. 


This trust can be won by a different approach: 


-        Public sector reform based on evidence

-        A public sector committed to raising standards

-        A new ethical model of procurement

-        Being a good employer

-        Promoting fair and decent living standards


We believe that this type of programme can make a real difference to the working lives of our members and to the type of services delivered to the public as a whole. 


Our Key Issues: 


-    Continuing our campaign for fair pay and pensions 

-    Build the widest alliance possible amongst public sector trade unions to oppose the pay freeze and attacks on services and jobs

-    Keep PCS financially sound in the face of cuts to jobs and facility time and the removal of Check Off

-    Oppose privatisation  

-    Ensure the full weight of the union is behind members threatened with compulsory redundancy

-    Oppose the discredited Performance Management system. We need a fairer and more transparent system across the civil service

-    Oppose punitive sickness absence policies that have created such stressful conditions in the workplace

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